The great unread

I’ve just “finished” reading the Saturday Age. Or in translation – I’ve perused the news and ‘Insight’ sections. On a suburban Saturday with cleaning, washing & shopping to do, I think I’ve done well. My wife thinks I spent too long with my head in the paper.

Meanwhile, the second half of the paper lies neatly wrapped beside last Saturday’s (also unread). I dream of the gentleman’s life in which I might actually get to the comics and puzzles, and speculate on property, motoring or travel.

I doubt I’m alone. One can only wonder how many business, property and employment sections go from press to van to front lawn to table to recycle bin – unread and even unwrapped. Surely a publication with generally green sympathies and a substantial online presence can do better than this. What about a leaner print edition limited to core or most-read content? What about a mix of online expansion and sectional print subscriptions?

Such paper wastage in these times is unconscionable.

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