And so this is Christmas

Who remembers the olden days when we complained about Christmas goods in the shops in October? The local Woolies is selling Christmas mince pies. There’s either something wrong with my phone which says it’s August, or there’s something wrong somewhere else. It might be argued that it’s leftover stock from Christmas-in-July sales. But what’s the betting they keep selling through to December. Why waste a sales opportunity?

Anyone for a truly secular long weekend?

Thanks to 2011’s happy confluence of the lunar cycle, a Christian festival and the Australian calendar, Australians have enjoyed the mother of all long weekends. If the current tsunami of secularist zeal achieves its utopian dream of a land free of any public religious expression, then let’s hope this was a good one.

Observant Jewish Australians have always been resigned to taking religious festivals out of their normal annual leave allocation. Do we want a land free of the alleged “discrimination” that favours Christians over other religionists? Well then, we’d better abolish public holidays associated with the Christian calendar.

Could be a worry though, this brave new world that beckons. Consider the impact on the retail industry if the great festivals of the jolly fat Santa and the chocolate-laying bunny had to come out of annual leave. (No discrimination, please. We’re secular.) Avvagoodweegend! (And do pray it’s not the last.)