My passion is to preach Christ from all of Scripture. Should you wish to listen, I invite your reflection (and comments if you wish) as to whether the words you hear bear His character. Are they, like him, “full of grace and truth”? (John 1:14)

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Called to be with him

  • Series: Gospel of Mark #6
  • Scripture: Mk 3:7-19
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

Small group Christian community begins when Jesus calls and appoints a band of twelve leaders to be first “with him”, and then to be sent out in service. Service comes from call and community. Jesus the true Israel calls twelve to be the foundation of the new Israel, gathered around himself. We can be encouraged in his service, because God always calls and uses imperfect people.

Only sleeping

  • Series: Invitations to faith
  • Scripture: Lk 8:41-56
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

Jesus confronts and overcomes evil in many forms, including even physical death.  You don’t overcome evil, but Jesus does. Therefore he is the One to be with when trouble strikes. Christians do not escape suffering. But neither are they helpless before it. Rather they are victorious in and over it, through Christ who is present to their faith. You can experience that reality by coming to Jesus.

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

Easter, Yr B
The Resurrection of Christ is believed by millions not because some well-meaning people made it up to keep Jesus alive in their imaginations, but because of eyewitness testimony. If only one person declared that Jesus is alive, the world would have every right to be sceptical. But what might be possible if all God’s people testified that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive today?

It is finished

  • Scripture: Jn 19:30
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

Good Friday
What did Jesus mean when, just before breathing his last and giving up his spirit, he declared “It is finished”? He meant that he’d done all of the saving mission the Father had sent him for. That means you go free. Hallelujah!

I acknowledge the generosity of my brother Mark Calder of the Anglican Church of Noosa for making this sermon available to other pastors for their use. I’ve never preached someone else’s sermon before. But for a flat out country pastor on an Easter weekend .. well, who’d say no?! Bless you Mark!

The king is dead

  • Series: Gospel of Mark #5
  • Scripture: Mk 15:24-39
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

Passion Sunday Yr B
Mark’s stark, concise way of writing packs a lot into few words, and especially so here in his account of Christ’s crucifixion. I make three observations today on this Palm / Passion Sunday. God’s people are killing their rightful king, God’s king. But in truth the King stayed on the cross, which was in fact his throne, to save millions of women and men, including me. Finally at the moment of his death a Roman gentile applies to a crucified Jew the unique and supreme title his loyalties would require him to apply only to Caesar: the Son of God. We who confess Jesus today are his successors.

You may be sicker than you think

  • Series: Gospel of Mark #4
  • Scripture: Mk 2:1-12
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

Presented with a paralysed man requiring healing, Jesus presents himself to the people and the religious leaders as the embodiment of God’s promised kingdom, where sins are forgiven and sickness healed. All you need is dependence on him.

How big is your debt?

  • Series: Invitations to faith
  • Scripture: Lk 7:36-50
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

Do you know all too well that you’ve blown it big time, morally speaking? That you deserve nothing from God? Then Jesus is just the person to come to. When you do, you’ll find every one of your sins and failures forgiven.

First things first

  • Series: Gospel of Mark #3
  • Scripture: Mk 1:29-39
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

The priorities of Jesus the Son of God continually confound his followers, and everyone else. Here Jesus demonstrates the first priority of communing with his Father in heaven in prayer, followed second by going ever further to make God’s Kingdom known among those who’ve not yet heard.

The man you can’t ignore

  • Series: Gospel of Mark #2
  • Scripture: Mk 1:9-20
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

Jesus has been introduced by Mark and by John the Baptist. Now he’s introduced by God, before introducing himself as the one in whom God’s Kingdom has come. After that he calls four men, who on his word leave all their security to follow him. Anyone who reads this gospel is bound to come to terms with the claims made by Jesus, and about him, and then to ask whether saying, “No thanks, not interested” is even an option.

Advance notice

  • Series: Gospel of Mark #1
  • Scripture: Mk 1:1-8
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

Beginning a series in the Gospel of Mark, honouring the spirit if not the letter of the Lectionary in the ‘Year of Mark’. Before Jesus Christ, the central character of history, steps onto the stage, he is introduced first by Mark and then by John the Baptist. The two witnesses combined let us know at the outset that following Jesus is a radical and possibly dangerous pursuit. Even insiders must be made clean in order to receive him. And following him means choosing him ahead of every other claim to supremacy – including the Emperor of Rome.