My passion is to preach Christ from all of Scripture. Should you wish to listen, I invite your reflection (and comments if you wish) as to whether the words you hear bear His character. Are they, like him, “full of grace and truth”? (John 1:14)

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The sifting of Peter

  • Series: Peter the fragile rock #2
  • Scripture: Lk 22:24-34
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

if Peter was going to be a rock on which the church could be built, a bearer of news about Jesus, and one who would grow and strengthen others in following Jesus, then he needed sifting so that in future years of service and responsibility, his faith would not fail. So Jesus allowed Satan to ‘sift’ him, to expose his weaknesses and failures and purify his trust in Jesus rather than himself. Perhaps you too might need to be sifted for the same reason. If so, may you enter the time of ‘sifting’ even through great failure, assured of Jesus’ words, “I have prayed for you”.

The calling of Peter

  • Series: Peter the fragile rock #1
  • Scripture: Luke 5:1-11
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

Beginning a short series tracing the personal development of Peter – fisherman, disciple, apostle. Today we observe the Lord’s calling of Peter to his people-fishing mission. It starts with the simple logistic of Jesus borrowing Peter’s boat to serve as a ‘pulpit’. But it continues with Jesus shaping Peter for a mission of fishing for people, through learning to trust Jesus’ authoritative word, and learning that Jesus uses even very frail people, sinners such as himself.

Praying for true power

  • Series: The Prayers of Paul #5
  • Scripture: Ephes 3:14-21
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

Final in a short series on the prayers of the Apostle Paul. A prayer for hearts empowered by the Spirit, transformed by love, and filled with God.

Praying to a sovereign God

  • Series: The Prayers of Paul #4
  • Scripture: Ephes 1
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

How can anyone possibly know a God of such splendour and glory as the God Christians worship? Only by that God revealing himself. So Paul prays for an outpouring of revelation on the church. For only thus can God’s people grasp what riches and power are available to them in the church.

Praying for excellence

  • Series: The Prayers of Paul #3
  • Scripture: Phil 1:1-11
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

Today, Paul’s prayer for a church he loved deeply, thanks in part to their support during one of his imprisonments. A God-centred prayer, confident in what God has begun in his people, and purposeful with the long-term in view, that is God’s completion of his good work only at the last day. A prayer for overflowing love and for complete purity.

Praying for the church

  • Series: The Prayers of Paul #2
  • Scripture: Col 1:3-14
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

Paul’s example teaches us to pray ‘big’ for the church. Across the world as well as our own  church community. Persistent not just crisis. For growth not just survival. For God’s pleasure in all of believers’ lives. For the future of God’s kingdom in God’s people, until he comes.

A framework for prayer

  • Series: The Prayers of Paul #1
  • Scripture: 2 Thess 1:3-12
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

Commencing today a short series on the prayers of the Apostle Paul. May we be equipped for our own praying by observing Paul in prayer. Today we consider a short prayer of his for the Thessalonian church. The prayer is founded on an attitude of thankfulness for God’s grace at work in his people and a confidence that God will bring justice and vindication of his people at the right time. On those foundations, Paul prays that God might bring forth the fruit of his Spirit in his church, that he might bring to fruition the good things his people set out to do in his service, that Jesus Christ might be glorified in all that they do, and that in the end they too might share in that glory. Let us pray for one another after that example.

Christian service

  • Series: Colossians #6
  • Scripture: Col 3:18-4:18
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

All human authority comes from the supreme Son of God. How should the community of the redeemed handle worldly power at home, at work and in the world? If under authority, submit graciously. If having authority, exercise it after the manner of the Crucified One, that is by service and sacrificial love.

Give thanks

  • Series: Colossians #5
  • Scripture: Col 3:1-17
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

With minds governed by heaven, live out the freedom of the gospel without putting the gospel to shame.

Life in Christ

  • Series: Colossians #4
  • Scripture: Col 6:2-23
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

A robust, growing Christian walk is built not by the added ‘vitamins’ of special knowledge, religious formulae or heightened experience, but by the discipline of pursuing more of the Christ we’ve already trusted. Never forget the wonder [v13] that you have been made alive with Christ in whom dwells all the fullness of God.