Why aren’t you crying?

  • Scripture: Lk 19:28-44
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma (livestream)

Palm / Passion Sunday
As Jesus entered Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, riding a donkey, he fulfilled still more of what the Old Testament had foreshadowed of God’s Messiah-King-Saviour. He is Israel’s king about to be enthroned on a Cross. The crowds’ songs hail him as king, giving him the praise and honour befitting of the King. But the Son of God is weeping for a lost city which has rejected every prophet God sent, and is about to reject even God’s king. Will we weep with Jesus for the lost ‘city’ in which we stand?

This sermon was recorded as part of a livestream video of a full Sunday service under the constraints of social distancing and the necessary cessation of public gatherings during the CoVid-19 crisis. The full video may be viewed by clicking this link to Facebook Live.

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