The long hike

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve been. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. It does matter where you end up. So in 2020, will you worship Jesus as your King, and offer him whatever it is that signifies what a priceless treasure it is to you to worship Him with all you are and all you have.


The long hike — 2 Comments

  1. we the church and I have been praying for you as we heard you were facing difficulty with the fires surrounding you.
    loved the message for its informative nature and its simple to understan

  2. Hi Peter. Bless you all for your prayerful faithfulness and continued fellowship in the God who hears his people. The past week we’ve been blessed with some rain and cooler weather. This has allowed some of our farmers to join with us again in worship. The few weekends previous they’ve felt unable to leave their properties. There’s still no rest for the firies (which does include some of our number) though. They’re flat out as ever doing backburns and building containment lines ahead of the likely next onslaught. Unless we have plenty more rain, there’s every chance the fires will flare again, with the worst of summer still to come. So much prayer still needed. Bless you all again, please keep it up. In Jesus, Lance
    (I’m guessing you got the news through Barbara on Facebook?? I’ll likely post more prayer updates on there)

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