God’s purpose for your pain

Ordinary Sunday 12, Year C
Depression has been a blessing for my ministry, shaping me as a compassionate pastor, and building trust. In one way or another innumerable servants of God have experienced the disillusionment or even despair voiced by Elijah in 1 Kings 19.

Depression is simply one of many frailties experienced by human beings in an imperfect world. God’s purpose always is to use pain to build Christ-likeness and channel his grace to others.

My first sermon on return from extended sick leave due to a bout of depression. Strikingly, the lectionary for the day included the very passage I had in mind.


God’s purpose for your pain — 2 Comments

  1. I stand with you, Lance. Like you I know that for all its horrors and even effective paralysis at times, depression can be a gift from God. Compassion, understanding, and humility are among the good fruits of such a time of dis-ease. Did not Job say -to his wife?- “Shall we accept the good things from God but not accept the bad?” or words to that effect?

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