God’s final temple

  • Series: Hebrews 7-13 #4 of 8
  • Scripture: Heb 9
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

The old (Mosaic) covenant provided a place and means for God’s chosen but imperfect people to draw near to him. The place God chose was first the tabernacle (tent), eventually made permanent in the Jerusalem Temple. By that provision, God fulfilled his promise to dwell among his people, caring, providing, protecting. Through sacrifice offered in the tabernacle / temple, they could taste his forgiveness but not fully enjoy it because their consciences could not be cleansed. And the people did not have free access to their God. A new order was needed. Full forgiveness, the cleansing of conscience, could only ever happen by the shedding of blood. Not until the Cross would blood be shed that would redeem forever. Christ, God’s final priest and mediator of God’s final covenant, entered by his own blood the Most Holy Place of God’s presence in God’s final temple. Only thus can your sin be forgiven.

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