Choosing an audience

  • Series: Sermon on the Mount #5
  • Scripture: Matt 6:1-18
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma (streamed)

(Resuming our series from the Sermon on the Mount, from March). There’s a wealth of difference between purposefully living a recognisably godly life – something Jesus expressly called for in chapter 5 – and striving to acquire a public reputation for piety.  The latter is what we’re warned against this morning. It’s a difference of motivation. It’s about two kinds of religion. False religion, which is how Jesus characterised the ‘piety’ of the Pharisees of the day, aims to please many, seeks personal glory, and yields a very poor reward. Here is a call to live for an audience of One.

This sermon was recorded as part of a video for streaming of a full Sunday service under the constraints of social distancing and the necessary cessation of public gatherings during the CoVid-19 crisis. The full video may be viewed by clicking this link to the parish Facebook page.

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