A tale of two securities

  • Series: Exodus #5
  • Scripture: Exod 7-11
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

The “plagues of Egypt” as they’re generally titled were a series of mighty acts of God against Pharaoh & Egypt. Mighty acts which speak a consistent message from God to Pharaoh, through Moses’ words & actions as God’s agent. The message they speak is that the Lord God of Israel, and not Pharaoh king of Egypt, is supreme over all the forces of nature and over the land of Egypt itself. That God, not Pharaoh, is in charge. The message however is not only for Pharaoh. It’s also for Israel .. that they might know who’s in charge, and whose plans succeed, and so learn to trust their God. We the church of today are their inheritors, and we too no less must know that he is the Lord.

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