A new government

  • Scripture: Isa 9:1-7
  • Location: St Paul's Cooma

The UN can’t bring about peace. The President of the US can’t command peace. The military muscle of several nations can’t make peace happen. But Jesus, the one whom today we declare was born a child for us — he is the Prince of Peace. That’s the peace that can be yours today. It can transform your life, heal your broken relationships, bring you a clean conscience, forgiveness for your sins and failures – every one of them, turn a nation around .. it can do all of that and much much more — provided it can first reign in your heart. And that can happen today, right now; if you will allow it, if you will invite Jesus to form a new government over your life, to be your source of wisdom, to be your God of power, to nurture you as no earthly father can, to bring you Peace with God for ever by the blood he shed for you on the Cross.

Jesus can do all of that. That’s why there needed to be a child born for us. That’s why God’s Son has been given to us. That’s why there’s Christmas. May yours be filled with light, joy and peace as you welcome him as your ruler today.

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