Sacramental philosophy, anyone?

If you’re confused about which world you’re in, try this one for size: Virtual Holy Communion? at Brownblog ..

But seriously, there is some real wrestling here for leaders in the C21st church. The virtual world is an undeniable reality (now there’s another line for the philosophers … ). And heaven knows, we have some missional challenges ahead of us. Challenging enough reaching spiritually lost people in a physical world. Now we’re talking about finding, reaching and winning them through their avatars in Second Life or some other virtual world.

Technophile though I am, I haven’t even entered Second Life, and wouldn’t know where to start. I don’t know whether to regard such a prospect as a massive distraction from the “real” world where I could face a real encounter with my real wife who thinks I’m real-ly too distracted from real-ity already, or whether to welcome it as a gospel frontier just waiting for one such as I to answer the call …


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  1. Hi, this is Wilfried of the Anglican Ecumenical Socity

    I think it’s both really – a distraction to many, but for some who are called to it, a very effective means of reaching out and discipling. Yes, there are avatars in Second Life, but one quickly gets beyond that with the realization one’s speaking to “the real person.” The “roleplay” bit is … often a great waste of time.

    If you or anyone you know might be interested in online ministry, don’t hesitate to contact me – we’re helping some others in beginning online ministries, and we could also aid you discernment about the call. Or you might even find something to do with us!

    One great place to look for more info on online ministry is Paul Watson’s site – he’s involved with us in some things – at

  2. Hi Wilfried,

    Appreciate the response and the links. I’ll certainly bookmark Paul’s site and yours for future reference. Not sure where I’ll go with this line of enquiry yet – if anywhere. But I’m interested in exploring what’s out there, and I am an internet addict. So who knows … ?

  3. Thank you, Lance. Another link is here: if you’d like to connect with us on Facebook. If you do want to have a look and see if SL ministry might be something for you, get in touch with me – you can do so by leaving a comment somewhere on the blog – I’ll e-mail you and when you come into SL I can help show you stuff, that will save you a lot of time. I can also tell you a lot about the ministries taking place in SL and what you might be able to do with your own talents.

  4. Thanks again, Wilfried. I’d love to connect on Facebook, but sadly I’m a Facebook evictee! But that aside, I very much appreciate your offer to show me ’round SL. I may well take you up .. just not sure when I’ll get to it.

    You can DM me any time on Twitter ( eN0ch )

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