Blogging is good for your soul

The title of this post just came to me after reading a very helpful blog post by John Piper on why pastors should blog. This in turn caught my attention as I was continuing to chew over the impact on me of an address, also by John Piper, which was really his personal story. I listened to a podcast of this while driving last Saturday.

Some of what struck me in that talk:

• his passion to write since very young, including poetry
• writing came from his father who wrote poetry
• he sees preaching and poetry as nearly the same activity
• he speaks from a full text always
• inspired by Jonathan Edwards’ goal: to capture the affections of hearers with the truth
• scholarly mind, yet reads very slowly

Why did all that strike me? … He could be describing me! In company with many many others, I’ve been a fan of Piper for many years – especially as a preacher. I had wondered why I warmed to his communication so much. I think I now know why.

So my latest resolution – which stands either to be honoured or broken – is to blog much more often on a much wider range of themes. Writing has energised me for a long time. Let’s now see if I follow through …

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