Discerning trash

I must congratulate The Age on catering for ever widening reader
tastes. Gone are the days when I had to wait until my next trip to
the supermarket to catch the latest Hollywood divorce scoop on the
magazine covers at the checkout. Now I don’t even need to leave home
– and it’s delivered daily to my door in plastic wrap. Forget the
humdrum of federal elections, social inequity, war deaths, corrupt
cops and the future of the planet. Turn to page 2, for the daily
appetizer to the full fruits of investigative journalism to be found
at theage.com.au.

Why this week alone, we’ve been tantalised with: “the latest on
Prince William’s split with Kate Middleton”, Kylie’s “New Man”,
Heather Mills McCartney’s stumble on the dance floor, and generally
“the latest entertainment gossip at blogs.theage.com.au” (just in
case you missed anything). Can’t wait for next week, when I’m hoping
for luncheon ideas from the biggest loser (or one of them) and the
inside story on romance in the parliamentary library. Sorry, “New
Idea”; it’s The Age for me now.

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