Making the grade

In leaked government documents just to hand, the proposed Citizenship Test will include the following:
1. The capital city of Australia is …
a. New York
b. Washington
c. Pine Gap
2. Complete the sentence according to Australian values: “You’re going home … ”
a. because we decide who comes to our country
b. as soon as we find the file
c. in the back of a divvy van
3. Nauru is very nice this time of year.
True or false
4. Advance Australia Fair is …
a. A non-core promise
b. A ride at Luna Park
c. I can’t remember
5. Australia’s national symbol is …
a. the Stars and Stripes
b. the Man of Steel
c. Warney’s mobile
6. I have cancelled my subscription to al Quaeda Monthly.
True or false

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