It’s politics, Stupid!

Yet again the Exclusive Brethren emblazon the
front page (30/12), with a further
“Investigation” by Michael Bachelard. Yet another
revelation to evoke moral outrage, as indeed such
behaviour should. Then we come to paragraph 6,
almost as an aside: “The Exclusive Brethren ? has
become notorious in recent years for running
expensive advertising campaigns for conservative
political parties. They have successfully lobbied
the federal Coalition Government ? ”

How about a bit of transparency from the other
side too? Whence this latter day crusade? Is it
because we really care about the damage the
Exclusive Brethren have doubtlessly inflicted on
children, parents, husbands and wives? Then where
has our professed moral conscience been hiding
for all the decades (at least) whilst this took
place? Apart from the odd segment on tabloid
“current affairs” programs, sandwiched between
shonky builders and celebrity gossip, no one has
batted an eyelid.

Not, that is, until the realisation that they
might possibly wield some political muscle for
the wrong interests. So come on. Is it because
they cause human misery? Or is it because they
champion traditional morality? Add to that a
conservative Christian tag and a vague inference
to the PM … Is it about morals or power? It’s
politics, Stupid!

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