Misinformed? It depends …

Here’s an idea for Senator Stott Despoja (Opinion, 17/8). Let’s
legislate. Every pregnancy counselling service shall be obligated to
display this notice: “This service regards the life of the unborn as
a [(A) “primary” / (B) “secondary”] consideration.” Deal ? Probably

What’s at issue is one of the basic realities of democratic life.
Many subjects, abortion among them, command two or more perspectives
which may be both widely divergent and passionately held. The senator
finds unacceptable the thought that some women might be steered away
from the abortion option by counsellors who are philosophically
“pro-life”. But ask any number of those Australians who hold that
latter perspective (some Christians, some not), and you are likely to
hear that we are equally appalled by the number of health
professionals who encourage and facilitate abortion under the slogan
“women’s rights”. Stott Despoja would like to live in an Australia
where so-called “pro-choice” is the assumed decent norm, and neon
signs warn of the contrary view. But guess what, Senator …

It’s bizarre to imagine that any professional can, with any
integrity, advise against the dictates of their conscience.
Democracy. We may all just have to live with it.

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