Just the two of us

You can’t be too careful who you fly with these days. I’m flying in a
few weeks, and I’m making my list …
* people of middle-eastern appearance
* people of Pak… No, make that sub-continent generally
* men with beards (Not me of course. I’m a good guy. The Dubya principle.)
* oh and then there’s the … But then … No, play it safe. Make that … Non-Anglos, it’s simpler that way
* people with mobile phones, cameras
* people with loose clothing
* guys with earrings (never did trust them)
* people who came here on leaky fishing boats
* anyone who knows where Nauru is
* sympathisers with the above (Most Age letter-writers, myself excepted)
* people who don’t carry clear plastic bags
Looks like it’s you and me. Window seat, Mr Howard?

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