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  1. hi lance…i’ve just found your blog while surfing today
    checked out your sermon entitled ‘a new government’ and it seems that you have a heart for world events and what’s going on around us (many Christians live cloistered existences, at least here in australia)
    i’m going to ask you a direct question which, for me, will reveal reams about where you stand
    do you believe that we should stand by idly and tolerate such situations as institutionalized abortion, gay couples adopting children etc.? do you see anything wrong with these things? please don’t give me a long, convoluted answer about how other things are more important..i’ve heard the kevin rudd brand of Christianity ad nauseum…a few words will place you accurately as far as i’m concerned

    i’m looking for a certain kind of Christian

  2. hi dee,
    i’m happy to have a go at responding, but i’d encourage you to be cautious about drawing too many conclusions about any person (christian or other) on a few lines. i’ve made that mistake before, and had some repenting to do after.

    i wouldn’t judge kevin rudd too harshly (i actually know him). when you’re in a position like his, you have to pick your issues to fight on – or you don’t get to stick around long enough to be heard on anything. not an easy place to be.

    anyway i digress … i see heaps wrong with the stuff you mentioned, and i don’t think god’s impressed with it. the question is how a christian responds to it. you can rail against it (which my heart certainly does), but the risk is that you get written off as a loony and ignored thereafter. or you can hold your fire, risk being misunderstood by some christian brothers and sisters, and hopefully manage to convince some godless people that you love and respect them even though you’re deeply saddened at what their lifestyles are leading them to.

    that’s my dilemma, and i imagine kevin’s too.

    what do you think? (btw chat by e-mail if you like – lancel at minister dot com

  3. dee,

    thanks for your reply.

    i’d be happy to chat some more, it’s important stuff. but not sure I want to maintain a continuing thread on my blog.

    how about switching to e-mail? mine is lancel at minister dot com. tell me yours, and i’ll respond to your latest comment. look forward to it.

    and thanks for the encouragement about writing.

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