Cricket at the G

Now that we’ve done our dash with the soccer in
Germany, it’s back to thinking about nicking the
Ashes back from the Poms. Well I’ve had this
thought. Someone should capitalise on Cricket
Australia’s ingenious idea of staging an Ashes
test at The G, while the football’s not on. I
hear they’re even holding a few one-dayers there
as well. That’s 8 days of cricket in one summer,
those sneaky devils!

What’s cleverer still is that it even has a stand
called the “Melbourne Cricket Club”. You know,
the one with the green seats where they sit to
watch the footy. Some piece of ancient history I
guess, a bit like the Senate. But anyway, maybe
if a few more people got together with some bats,
balls and stumps, just pretend of course … By
jingo, if we really pretend hard enough it could
start to feel like a cricket ground (sort of).
I’m sure Johnny would think it was a bonzer idea,
not like the Senate.

In fact just for a lark, maybe we could even have
a go at calling it the “Melbourne Cricket
Ground”. You know, just for fun. A bit novel, I
know. But I’m sure we could get used to it.

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