Divine hormones?

Before the soapie and reality producers rush to the bank, a check of Grandma’s old Latin school dictionary would be advisable. Contrary to your report (26/1) on Pope Benedict’s new encyclical, the title “Deus Caritas Est” doesn’t translate as “God in Love” but rather less erotically as “God is Love” (from the New Testament 1 John 4:8). So no, the Almighty’s hormones are not spinning out of control. Sorry to disappoint your readers.


Divine hormones? — 2 Comments

  1. OK, Tom. Thanks for the comment. I stand corrected. I should have realised that the word in 1 Jn 4 would be agape (quick check of the Greek just now!) – embarrassment abounds!

    Guess I was fooled (as was the writer whose typo I responded to) by the similarity to Charity as a rendering of agape in the KJV.

    I studied Latin classically at school, but will confess ignorance of eccesiastical Latin. Why has Pope Benedict used a phrase which would so readily be interpreted (by people familiar with the KJV) as a rendering of 1 Jn 4? And what (briefly) does charity mean as distinct from love? Thanks.

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