Why Iraq?

A few simple answers to a few simple questions, please Mr Bush. Why Iraq? Why only Iraq? Why now? Why wasn’t the evidence delivered to Dr Blix for independent assessment and report?

And now, a moment’s indulgence in a utopian dream: Saddam goes into exile. A new Iraqi government is constituted by an open democratic process. The government regulates oil exports to ensure maximum benefit to a desperate local economy. Would America then sign off on Iraq, content that the job is done?

Finally, how does a God-fearing leader reflect on the juxtaposition of recent events, the loss of the twin-towers and a crippling blow to the space program? Does the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11) strike any chords? What might the God of history be saying to America at this time? May God indeed bless America, and grant her a humble heart and a listening spirit.

Now over to you, Mr Bush …..

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