Just don’t…

George! I know just how you feel, mate. That Saddam bloke is really trying your patience, a real pain in the (you know); enough’s enough. I often feel like that when I’m dealing with the bank or the government (oops, sorry…) or standing in the checkout queue at 5 O’Clock. If I could let fly with a few missiles, boy would it make my day! But the thing is, mate, there’s a bit more at stake in your case. The worst I could do is make some checkout operator wish it was knock-off time. But if you do .. well .. what comes naturally, you know, there’d be a bit of a mess to explain. So here’s what I reckon. A cold shower’s a start, or maybe a long walk with the dog. If that doesn’t do it, there’s always a pillow with Saddam’s piccy on it. Or maybe spend a few bob on a good therapist; I gather’s there a few over your way. But, please mate, don’t lose it, don’t push that button!

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