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Welcome to my small stake in cyberspace called “Full of Grace and Truth”, in honour of Jesus Christ whom John described in those words (John 1:14). I am privileged to be among those people called Christians who declare Jesus the central character of history, the source of life and the reason for being. He is ultimately real (Truth), as no one and nothing else is, and yet through his saving death and resurrection no one is beyond the scope of his gracious invitation to eternal fellowship with God.

This site has served two primary purposes, so far:

Bible talks
Until recently my field of ministry involved relatively frequent changes in my place of service. This site was created as a practical means of making my talks (sermons) available to anyone who might hear God speak through them, but principally the congregation of whichever church I was presently serving. At this stage I anticipate continuing to share my talks here, as I take up a new ‘settled’ parish ministry. (See ‘About me’ at right).

This piece of digital real estate also allows me, through the written word, to share with whoever may care to ‘listen’, my perhaps doubtful wisdom on life, the world and God.


Welcome — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Lance

    How are you going since you left All Saints?

    What are you doing now on the ministry front?

    Hopefully we will chat soon.


    Andrew Bibby

  2. G’day Andrew,

    I’m doing well, thanks. It’s turned into a sabbatical, which is fine with me. A lot of studying, thinking and praying was needed. So it’s proving a good time in the Lord’s grace. Next ministry hasn’t become clear yet, but that’s OK.

    Appreciate the connection, brother. Best way to stay in contact is either Facebook or my e-mail address (see the ‘about me’ column over to the right.)

    Lance < º))><

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